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hrl flat lithium battery 3.2v 12V 12.8V 10ah 20ah 30ah 40ah 50ah 60ah lithium battery for all in one solar street light

100k lifepo4 battery pack 22650 2100mah 3.2v with 4200amh 3.2v with connector  sent to India
On Aug -25
Main data is listed as following:
1. Model: hrl22650 2100mah 4200mah
2. Voltage: 3.2V 
3. Capacity: 2100mAh 4200mah
4. Max. continuous charge: 1C 
5. Max. continuous discharge: 2C
6. Continuous Current: 2c
8. Dimension: 22mm * 68mm 
9. Operating Temperature: -20~60deg C  
10.Application: solar street light 

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